Peter & Carole Leigh (Firecrest Wildlife Photography). We have specialised in photographing wildlife (particularly birds) for over 25 years. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not take images of captive or tamed wildlife and take every precaution to avoid disturbance to our subjects. All of our wildlife photographs are taken on location in the animal’s natural habitat. This, along with the consistently high quality of our work, has earned us widespread respect and a reputation for excellence.

We have also have an interest in photographing fine architecture, art and landscapes. so in recent years we have travelled to some of the more beautiful European cities and have added many of these images to our collection.

We successfully ran our Studio (Aquila Photography) for portrait, commercial and wedding photography in Stamford for years, but despite our reputation for imaginative high quality photography, we decided to close in order to dedicate more of our time to wildlife and landscapes.

We travel independently, setting our own agenda and researching each location carefully before departure. We generally avoid guides and organised tours, preferring to work quietly at our own pace, enjoying the challenge and adventure of finding everything ourselves without disturbance from other people.

Our Photographs

Until 2005, we mainly used film, and (with the exception of a couple of montages) our photographs are authentic representations of the originals - mostly from slides.

We were artists before we were photographers and this has influenced our perspective. To us the point of photography is to create a remarkable picture, not just another unimaginative, overcropped and oversharpened frame filler (there are far too many of these on the web already). Photography is an art form, not a science, the skill is in the eye and the imagination, not just the latest bit of kit. To us, photography is about composure, exposure and aesthetics, hopefully you will see the difference.