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Monfrague - A


Storm, Extremedura South of Monfrague

Storm - Penafalcon -A

Penafalcon - B

Penafalcon - C

Griffon Vultures - A

Griffon Vulture -B

Griffon Vulture - C

Griffon Vulture - D

Griffon Vulture - E

Griffon Vulture - F

Griffon Vulture - G

Griffon Vulture - H

Griffon Vulture - I

Griffon Vulture - J

Griffon Vulture - K

Griffon Vulture - L

Griffon Vulture - M

Griffon Vulture - N

Griffon Vulture - O

Griffon Vulture - P

Griffon Vulture - Q

Griffon Vulture - R

Griffon Vulture - S

Griffon Vulture -T

Black Vulture -A

Black Vulture - B

Black Vulture -C

Black Vulture -D

Black Vulture - E

Black Vulture - F

Black Vulture - G

Black Vulture H

Egyptian Vulture-A

Egyptian Vulture -B

Egyptian Vulture - -C

Egyptian Vulture - D

Peregrine Falcon

Spanish Imperial Eagle - A

Spanish Imperial Eagle - B

Spanish Imperial Eagle - C

Spanish Imperial Eagle - D

Spanish Imperial Eagle - E

Golden Eagle -A

Golden Eagle (juv) - B

Golden Eagle - C

Golden Eagle - D

Golden Eagle - E

Hen Harrier -A

Common Buzzard (Juv) -A

Common Buzzard (Juv) -B

Common Buzzard (Juv) - C

Hen Harrier-B

Black Kite - A

Black Kite - B

Black Kite - C

Black Kite - D

Azure-winged Magpie - A

Azure-winged Magpie - B

Azure-winged Magpie - C

Azure-winged Magpie - D

Azure-winged Magpie - E

Azure-winged Magpie - F

Azure-winged Magpie - G

Azure-winged Magpie - H



Jay - A


Jay - B

European Roller - A

European Roller -B

European Roller -C

European Roller- D

European Roller - E

European Bee-eater - A

European Bee-eater - B

European Bee-eater - C

European Bee-eater - D

European Bee-eater - E

European Bee-eater - F

Black-eared Wheatear - A

Black-eared Wheatear - B

Blue Rock Thrush- A

Blue Rock Thrush- B

Blue Rock Thrush - C

Blue Rock Thrush - D

Black Stork - A

Black Stork - B

Black Stork - C

Black Stork - D

Black Stork -E

Black Stork -F

Black Stork -G

White Stork

Alpine Swift

White-rumped Swift

Red-rumped Swallow

Barn Swallow - A

Barn Swallow -B

Barn Swallow - C

Barn Swallow - D

Barn Swallow - E

Short-toed Treecreeper - A

Short-toed Treecreeper - B

Short-toed Treecreeper - C

Short-toed Treecreeper - D


Hawfinch - A

Hawfinch - B

Great Spotted Cuckoo

Little Owl - A

Little Owl - B

Eagle Owl

Red-necked Nightjar - A

Red-necked Nightjar - B

Red-necked Nightjar - C

Red-necked Nightjar - D

Red-necked Nightjar - E

Red-necked Nightjar - F

Southern Grey Shrike - A

Southern Grey Shrike -B

Woodchat Shrike

Cranes -A

Cranes -B

Cranes -C

Cranes -D

Cranes - -E


Cranes -F

Cranes -G

Cranes - H

Cranes - I

Turtle Dove


Great Bustards - A

Great Bustards - B

Red-legged Partridge -A

Red-legged Partridge -B

Red-legged Partridge -C

Red-legged Partridge -D

Sierra Gredos from Monfrague

Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

Lapwing -A

Lapwing -B

Thekla Lark -A

Thekla Lark - B

Thekla Lark - C

Thekla Lark - D

Thekla Lark - E

Thekla Lark - F

Thekla Lark - G

Thekla Lark - H

Thekla Lark - I

Rock Bunting -A

Rock Bunting -B

Rock Bunting - C

Calandra Lark

Cirl Bunting

Corn Bunting

Black Redstart

Lesser Kestrel

Iberian Red Deer - A


Iberian Red Deer - B

Iberian Red Deer -C

Iberian Red Deer -D

Iberian Red Deer -E

Iberian Red Deer -F

Iberian Red Deer -G

Iberian Red Deer -H

Iberian Red Deer -I

Iberian Red Deer -J

Red Fox - A


Red Fox - B

Red Fox - C

Red Fox - D

Red Fox E

Red Fox - F

Red Fox - G

Wild Boar - A

Wild Boar - B

Wild Boar - C

Wild Boar - D

Wild Boar - E

Wild Boar - F

Moorish Gecko -A

Moorish Gecko - B

Moorish Gecko - C

Moorish Gecko - D

Oscillated Lizard - A

Oscillated Lizard - B

Two-tailed Pasha - A

Two-tailed Pasha - B

Wall Brown Butterfly

Rio Almonte

Penafalcon - D

Penafalcon -E

Penafalcon - F

Monfrague -B

Monfrague -C

Monfrague -D

La Serena

The Castle - Monfrague

Portilla del Tietar - A

Portilla del Tietar - B

Rio Tietar

Narcissus Cantabrica-A

Narcissus Cantabrica - B

Extremedura - A

Extremedura - B

Viaduct near Guadalupe


Trujillo - A

Trujillo - B

Trujillo - C

Trujillo - D

Trujillo - E

Trujillo - F

Trujillo - G

Trujillo - H

Trujillo - I